Microapartments, Refurbished Buses, Yurts, And Other Innovative House Trends

December 28, 2016

There’s a chance that the home of choice for Mongolian nomads could disrupt the U.S. housing market in 2017.

Realtor.com listed seven innovative housing trends and shined a light on yurts, which are circular 700-square foot homes with a wooden frame and vinyl walls. They can sell for around $20,000, and the Colorado Yurt Co. reported a 10 percent growth in sales this year.

Other housing ideas include renovated school buses, 250-square foot microapartments, and upscale modular homes.

Get ready for the future: Homes created by a 3-D printer are expected to be cheaper than traditionally built residences; they don’t require as many construction workers; and they produce less waste as the machines use only as much material as is needed. New homes could be designed by ordinary folks (like you) and printed in days.

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