Is Mid-Century Modern Losing Steam?

July 8, 2015

The simple, unfettered feel of mid-century modern décor and architecture experienced a renaissance this decade, but editor Shira Levine senses that America may no longer be “mad for mid-century modern.”

Once reserved for the “deep-pocketed architecture and design geeks,” Levine talks with several design industry professionals who contend that the aesthetic's trickling down to mass production has made the iconic pieces lose personality.

“All those reproductions…. It’s like everyone I know has the same coffee table. How can you express your own personality through your living space if it contains the same pieces as everyone else’s?” Conde Nast editor Sarah Engler tells Levine.

But there are still many supporters of the style. “It is timeless, and when you pair it with other modern furniture it stands out and blends in all at the same time,” says architect Carolyn Hinger, a founding partner at HiRe Design Architects in Brooklyn.

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