Millennials On The Coasts Are Drawn To Dayton, Ohio

December 6, 2016

The city of Dayton, Ohio, took a downturn over the last few decades after manufacturing jobs disappeared. But now, with an influx of healthcare and tech jobs, and plenty of cheap and available housing, Dayton is starting to lure young adults away from big cities on the coasts.

Bloomberg reports that Dayton, which has a median home listing price for $120,000, is not alone in drawing in Millennial buyers.

The list of U.S. metros where young homebuyers are wielding the most heft in the housing market is full of post-industrial cities with well-built houses and pockets of economic promise. In a city such as Buffalo, N.Y., or Grand Rapids, Mich., a technology cluster or a successful medical center can set off a mini-real estate boom.

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