From Missouri to Connecticut, These Cabin Designs Are Popping Up Everywhere

August 31, 2020
Isolated cabin in the woods
By Iriana Shiyan

One architect turned developer transformed a secluded, woodsy area outside of New York into the headquarters for $1 million luxury cabins—and all 26 are sold out. The project, named Hudson Woods, came from architect Drew Lang’s desire to produce modern homes for people who are not multi-millionaires, according to Fast Company. Each cabin follows a uniform design, but owners were able to have input on some materials and furnishings. Now everybody wants a slice and the cabin designs are being licensed left and right. Lang’s designs can be found in Connecticut, Missouri, and beyond.

The development features nearly identical cabin-like homes, each with a jewel box wall of windows looking in on the home’s all-wood interior and out on the woods themselves. With the design already set, buyers were given a selection of materials and furnishings to choose from to give a personal touch to what’s essentially a catalog home—albeit one that’s made the project’s thousands of Instagram followers swoon. With prices around $1 million, they’re not accessible to the average homebuyer, but it’s a start.

Now, his idea is spreading. In a stylish echo of the cookie-cutter factory spread of the American suburb, Hudson Woods has begun to replicate.

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