NAHB Webinar: How to Keep Buyer Traffic Flowing Despite COVID-19

April 10, 2020
Digital Marketing
By mrmohock

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting almost every American’s daily life in some way, including builders. One of the biggest impacts for housing professionals is the drop in potential buyer traffic to their businesses, so NAHB is putting together a webinar that will give builders tips and tricks on how to manage their marketing strategies. A bigger marketing budget may be out of the question, but figuring out the best way to still reach customers on a smaller budget can keep traffic flowing and prevent a complete loss of momentum. Register for the webinar at NAHB.

With prospective buyer traffic severely diminished in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, home builders would be wise to scale back on their advertising investments. But cutting across the board is reckless and could lead to long-term challenges.

To help business owners and sales teams determine how and where to adjust their marketing strategies, NAHB will host a webinar in partnership with the online sales and marketing group Do You Convert on Thursday, April 16, from 2-3 p.m. ET.

“Keep Your Traffic Flowing: A Marketing Playbook for COVID-19” will examine lessons learned during previous shocks to the market and share how those principles — coupled with the latest digital and virtual marketing tools — can be applied to our current market challenges. Webinar participants will also learn a step-by-step playbook for which efforts to turn down, as well as when and how to efficiently realign their advertising strategies once markets stabilize.

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