Nevada Restores Net Metering, Bringing Solar Giants Back To The State

June 27, 2017

Two years after banning the practice, Nevada has enacted a bill to restore net metering, providing new opportunities for the solar industry and for green-conscious homeowners.

Scientific American reports that major solar companies including Tesla, Sunrun, and Vivint have said that they intend to resume work in Nevada after the decision.

The new policy on net metering, which is a way for homeowners with solar panels to sell their excess energy back onto the grid, is expected to lead to an uptick in jobs in the state, and provide consumers with more ways to reduce their monthly electric bills.

The final bill establishes a gradually declining reimbursement rate for solar owners as more homeowners install panels. Consumers in the first 80 megawatts of newly installed capacity will receive 95 percent of the retail rate of electricity for surplus power sent back to the grid.

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