New Apps Match Potential Homebuyers With Suitable Neighborhoods

September 9, 2016

As great as a new house or apartment may be, if the neighborhood isn’t the right fit, you’re going to be miserable.

The New York Times reports that several apps and websites, including PlaceILive and PicketFencer, use big data and smart algorithms to find the places in which users are best suited to live.

PlaceILive, a start-up based in Lithuania, introduced an interactive quiz called Match earlier this year designed to help find your ideal New York City neighborhood. You answer a series of questions — Do you play any sports? Which is your preferred mode of transportation? Do you want quiet, green, residential, diverse, social, hip, artsy, L.G.B.T.-friendly? And then, taking your budget and your office address into account, PlaceILive analyzes and prioritizes 288 neighborhoods, then delivers its top 10 picks.

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