New Bathroom Tech Includes Smart Showers, Faucets, And Toilets

June 1, 2017

Homeowners with smart showers never need to fidget with turning the knobs just right. Rather, they can find their ideal water temperature, set it on their touchscreen, and have their shower ready for them as they get out of bed every morning via their smartphone app. examined the best new items in bathroom technology. In addition to preset temps, smart showers can also adjust its water usage in real time. The EvaDrop, for instance, can sense where the person is, and flow more water when he or she is under the showerhead, and less when the person steps away for soap.

Hands-free smart faucets are more hygienic than traditional fixtures, and smart toilets are better at conserving water.

But we could be on the verge of yet another leap in toilet technology. Once the General Practitioner Toilet by Yanko arrives on the market, hypochondriacs will be able to obsess to their heart’s delight. Basically when you urinate, it collects a small sample and analyzes it for any concerning ingredients such as sugar, protein, or blood. It's like a doctor's appointment every time you sit down.

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