New California Housing Plan Will Cut Down Bureaucratic Rigamarole

June 7, 2016

It's tough to build housing in California. Even if a project meets zoning standards, local residents and environmental regulations can throw up roadblocks, causing timely and costly delays.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Gov. Jerry Brown has a new plan that would make it easier for developers to move forward with urban housing developments. The proposal would force local governments to approve projects provided that they match zoning and have a percentage of affordable homes available.

The plan was devised to spur growth: California’s average home price is a whopping $464,000, and the state is dealing with an “extreme” lack of housing supply, according to the LA Times piece.

A downside to the plan is that local residents will have less of a say when new projects are announced, making it easier for new housing to gentrify neighborhoods and displace longtime residents.

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