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Some Denver builders are introducing new projects and designs that cater to first-time homebuyers, emphasizing mobility and affordability.

Shea Homes Colorado is launching a new development at Reunion in Commerce City, Colorado. The new community is made up of smaller, simpler homes to appeal to younger buyers. “The buyer today is different than a few years ago,” Chetter Latcham, president of Shea Homes Colorado, says to The Denver Post. “They’ve reprioritized their lives and are scaling down. The day of the McMansion is gone.”

Though Shea Spaces are smaller and at a lower price point than previous lines, Shea is not skimping on materials, said Mike Woodley, president of Woodley Architectural Group Inc., which designed Shea Spaces. All houses will come with a 42-inch plasma television, stainless steel appliances, and a charging station for an electric vehicle in the garage. Rather than designing traditional homes with a formal dining room and living room, Woodley has created a large “activity” space as the main living area. “We think the market is bored with what their choices are,” he said.

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