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These products represent some of the many innovations on display at the 2022 International Builders' Show. | Photo: Barrette Outdoor Living

The 2022 International Builders’ Show showcased hundreds of innovative, functional, and design-forward products making waves in the residential construction industry. From eco-friendly building materials to innovative cooking solutions, here are just a few of the many groundbreaking products that stood out at this year’s show.

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Outdoor Living

Barrette Outdoor Living’s Decorative Screen Panels (see lead image, above) can be easily installed and removed with a simple twist, allowing homeowners to customize their outdoor living spaces for each season. Decorative Screen Panels provide shade and privacy while also giving consumers the option to choose their own personal style. Barrette’s aluminum screens and wall dividers “resist warping, rot, twisting, splitting, discoloration, and scratching, the company says,” for long-lasting functionality and aesthetic appeal. (8x8 aluminum pergola, shown.) Click for more info

Kitchen Appliances

ABK Group’s Cooking Surface Prime is the industry’s first invisible induction cooktop, combining technology with natural stone to turn kitchen countertops into cooking surfaces. What at first glance looks like a slab countertop hides an integrated induction cooking system able to combine innovative design with high versatility. The magnetic induction top only detects and heats metal cookware, so those cooking aren’t at risk of getting burned. The Cooking Surface Prime system is connected with 20 mm large sintered slabs manufactured and distributed by ABKStone, Materia, and Gardenia Slabs , and its heat functions can be controlled remotely via the Cooking Surface Prime App. (Porcelain MOD 1B, shown.) Click for more info

ABK Group invisible induction cooktop

Storage Solutions

Murphy Door’s Hidden Door Solutions offer an array of flush-mount doors that can hide extra space and help homeowners keep clutter out of sight. From bookcase/cabinet doors and spice rack doors to hidden hamper compartments, Hidden Door Solutions can be customized to make the most of every space for increased but hidden functionality. Each door solution comes in a range of width and height options, along with a locking system, and the free BILT app offers step-by-step 3D interactive installation instructions. (Bookcase Door, shown.) Click for more info

Murphy Door hidden door

Solar Energy

GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar system is made up of wind-resistant, water-shedding shingles rather than panels or tiles, and its simple, flush look means homeowners don’t have to sacrifice curb appeal for energy efficiency. Timberline Solar Energy Shingles are the world’s first nailable solar shingles, according to the manufacturer, making the entire system easy to install for local GAF-certified roofers. As long as the sun is shining, Timberlane Solar can supply the home with electricity, and it pays for itself over time by generating power and reducing monthly electric bills, the company says. Click for more info

GAF Energy Timberlane solar shingles

Innovative Building Materials

Acre by Modern Mill is a new material manufactured in the U.S. from upcycled rice hulls, a by-product of rice production. Rice hulls give Acre its strength, water resistance, and organic feel, making it indistinguishable from real wood, the company says. Acre takes stain or paint, just like traditional wood, and is workable with standard woodworking tools, but it doesn’t splinter or crack and it has a much smaller environmental footprint. Acre products are 100% free of phenol, formaldehyde, and adhesives, and resist water, weather, pests, and fire, according to the manufacturer. Click for more info

Modern Mill Acre building material from upcycled rice hulls

High-Performance Insulation

Fi-Foil Co.’s Flex Foam is a continuous insulation solution that reduces radiant heat transfer for superior performance, providing a better alternative to traditional foam board, the company says. Flex Foam was featured in The New American Home in 2021 and 2022 as an innovative insulation system. Flex Foam’s low-E aluminum facing keeps buildings cool in summer and warm in winter for year-round efficiency and comfort, providing R 1.6 of continuous insulation and an overall R 4.5 when used with a ¾-inch enclosed air space. Click for more info

Fi-Foil Co. Flex Foam insulation

Smart Technology

Dual winner of the 2022 IBS Best Home Technology Product and Best Energy Efficient Product, Span Gen 2 Smart Panel is designed to modernize home energy systems by completely replacing existing electrical panels, whether new-build or retrofit. Span allows homeowners to control and monitor every circuit in the home from the Span Home App to better understand how their home is sourcing, storing, and using energy in real-time. The Span system can be controlled virtually to turn circuits on or off and can even automate which circuits should take priority to remain on during off-grid operation when the home is relying on its battery system. Click for more info

Span Gen 2 Smart Panel electrical panel alternative


Spektrum+ Smart Lighting by American Lighting provides instant lighting control that allows users to customize their lighting spaces to virtually any color. Spektrum+ Smart Lighting can be controlled remotely through the Spektrum+ Smart Lighting App. Featuring RGB + Tunable White lighting technology, the system offers complete color customization, allowing homeowners to set a favorite color or to program schedules for whole-home lighting automation. Spektrum+ Smart Lighting can also be controlled with simple voice commands through compatible voice assistant technology to brighten the home hands-free. Click for more info

Spektrum+ Smart Lighting customized home lighting

Interior Surfaces

Silestone by Cosentino is a hybrid surface made up of traditional and recycled materials manufactured using Silestone’s proprietary HybriQ+ technology, which uses 100% renewable electric energy, 98% recycled water, premium materials, quartz, and a minimum of 20% recycled materials, the manufacturer says. From its Ethereal color collection to its Sunlit Days release, Silestone comes in a wide array of color and texture options, all GreenGuard, NSF, and CarbonNeutral certified. (Sunlit Days Cala Blue, shown.) Click for more info

Silestone by Cosentino hybrid surface focuses on sustainability

Shower Fittings

Kohler’s Statement Showering Collection offers a range of fittings that includes seven spray functions for rinsing, massaging, and restoring, and features not only rainheads, multifunction showerheads, and wand handshowers, but also round and oblong body sprays with 20 degrees of rotation and the option to install at any height. The Statement Collection comes in a choice of eight Kohler finishes, and there are numerous valves and controls available, providing more opportunities for personalization. (Statement Oval Rainhead, shown in Moderne Brass.) Click for more info

Kohler Statement Oval Rainhead  for personalized showering