The Oddest Objects Found Within Walls

January 27, 2017

For centuries, people in different cultures across the world have concealed meaningful items and artifacts within the structure of a house, particularly in the walls, for a time capsule effect. This is all well and good until unsuspecting remodelers start tearing up the place.

The New York Times uncovered some of the strangest items ever found within the walls of a home: hand-painted ceramic tiles, flash cards, photographs, corsets, medallions, bottles, and notes from former residents.

Spooky objects have also been stumbled upon. An interior designer in Connecticut came across a skull during a home renovation. At first he thought it was a human’s, then a horse’s. It actually was a dog’s skull.

“I’ve seen a bit of everything” while renovating, said Patrick Kennedy, a contractor and carpenter for 20 years. “But the skull was unique, and there’s no way it could have fallen in there the way it was buried. It was placed almost exactly in the center under the doorway, and there were no other bones with it. I immediately thought it was something superstitious.”

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