Political Party Housing Market Clichés That Are True

July 19, 2016

As we approach the 2016 presidential election, stereotypes and clichés about the Republican and Democratic parties begin to swirl in a whirlwind of pointed fingers and unchecked facts. However, like it or not, some stereotypes and clichés are true, especially when it comes to the housing market choices of liberals and conservatives.

For example, as Redfin reports, liberals are more attracted to cities, while conservatives prefer the country. And while liberals want more ethnically diverse neighborhoods, conservatives prefer neighborhoods made up of people who share the same religious faith.

In Cleveland, where the Republican National Convention is taking place, the city itself is deeply blue, however, the farther from the city center one goes, the redder the area becomes. Philadelphia, where the Democratic National Convention will take place, expresses the same pattern; blue downtown, red surrounding towns and suburbs.

Another cliché that actually seems to carry some truth, is that Republicans own their homes, while Democrats tend to rent. It makes sense, considering the fact that more Republicans are in the suburbs and more Democrats live in city centers. In Republican-leaning zip codes in Cleveland, the homeownership rate is 83 percent. In Democratic zip codes, it is only 59 percent, which is well below the national average. Once again, Philadelphia shows the same, with 79.5 percent home ownership in Republican areas compared to 62 percent in Democratic ones.

To see what other clichés carry the unmistakable ring of truth, click the link below.

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