A Real Estate Website Specifically Tailored For Millennials

July 13, 2016

A new website is looking to take the homebuying process and approach it like internet dating, prompting users to fill out a questionnaire of ideal amenities they would like in a house in order to be matched up with a list of homes that fits with what they want.

Casamatic’s website and iOS app came about after Alex Bowman and Chris Ridenour, the co-founders of the startup, talked to a group of 50 Millennial homebuyers in an effort to determine which factors were most important to them while searching for a place to live, Curbed reports.

Things like nearby restaurants and activities, commute times, and proximity to friends and family were all common responses that were then integrated into the Casamatic algorithm.

When filling out the questionnaire, you will answer questions such as if highly-rated public schools are important, what your ideal commute time is, your budget, and minimum number of bedrooms. Users will also be asked lifestyle questions such as being asked to select what they love to do (up to three selections) such as enjoy the arts, go to the gym, go out at night, or watch and play sports.

When everything is filled out, the website will pull the best listings it can find and present them with the reasons why it was matched to the user.

The service was first launched in Cincinnati in August 2015 and has since moved to Chicago, Phoenix, Raleigh, Charlotte, Nashville, and Columbus with the expectation of moving to other markets with strong potential and an increasing Millennial population.

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