Remodeling Design Trend: Salvage Style

October 23, 2018
Salvaged candelabra and lighting for remodeling
Photo: Unsplash/Zbysiu Rodak

Among affluent homeowners, reclaiming unique antique home features and décor is fast becoming a popular remodeling design trend.

From salvaged wood flooring to whole staircases and 150-year-old stained glass windows, wealthy homeowners are wanting to put in large-scale older architectural items into their newer homes. Founder of architectural salvage company Cultheir Jessica Engholm tells, “We’re going into an era of building where a house can be put up overnight,” adding that using salvaged items can “introduce character that otherwise wouldn’t be there.”

“I thought my plumber was going to kill me,” groans Liz Tiesi of Threshold Interiors in New York City, recalling the process of installing a vintage sink in her Manhattan apartment. Ms. Tiesi happily paid about $800 for the oversize sink, which hailed from the old Tastykake factory in Philadelphia and worked perfectly with the industrial aesthetic she wanted. But then she learned it was nearly impossible to find a drain and drain pipe to fit. When her long-suffering plumber finally got it to work, “I was so happy,” she says. “A sink like that—you will not see another one of those for a long time.”

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