Renting In The Suburbs Or The City

May 11, 2016

Let’s say you have made up your mind to rent a home; it isn’t the right time to buy and you just don’t want to deal with getting a mortgage and having to worry about down payments and debt. But what you haven’t decided yet, is weather to search for a rental home in the city or the suburbs. Even if you find the perfect home, if it is in the wrong neighborhood, your satisfaction will not last long.

In order to help make the decision easier, Zillow has created a list of factors to consider when making the choice between renting a home in the suburbs or the city. The most important aspect to consider is the cost of monthly rent. Surprisingly, across the nation the average rent in the suburbs is actually a little higher than the rent for cities at $1,695 per month compared to $1,640 per month.

However, while rents for urban rental homes may be slightly less expensive, the price per square foot is actually about $0.18 higher, meaning you get a better value from the suburban home. Additionally, if a big kitchen, multiple bedrooms, and a yard are important to you, city living is probably not the way to go.

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