Rents Are Rising Most In These Surprising Cities

July 14, 2016

So much has been made about the rising cost of homes across the country, that often the fact that rents are also rising quickly sometimes gets pushed to the back burner.

While places like San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Portland are commonly discussed for their sky-high housing costs, as reports, the city with the largest month-over-month rent increase was Milwaukee.

That’s right, the city that was the focus of Alice Cooper’s surprisingly informative oration in Wayne’s World (thanks to Mr. Cooper, more of us now know Milwaukee comes from an Algonquin word meaning ‘the good land’) saw its rents jump 15 percent from June to July. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city now sits at $1,010, according to Adobo, a rental listings firm.

The second spot on the list was filled by another surprising Midwestern city. Columbus, Ohio experienced a month-over-month rent hike of 13 percent, bringing its average cost for a one-bedroom unit up to $857. Colorado Springs, Colo. (11 percent), Houston (9 percent), and Omaha, Neb (8 percent) round out the top five month-over-month rent increases.

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