The Rise of the Open Concept Living Room

November 26, 2019
Open Concept Living Room
Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

At a relative’s new home for the holidays? Don’t be surprised if you find yourself gobbling down turkey right next to where it was made before gliding right over to the couch to watch the football game. Although formal dining rooms are still the norm for most listings, Zillow research found that the listings that mention open concept designs doubled since 2015. 

Holiday dinners in formal dining rooms may be becoming a thing of the past as buyers embrace more casual open concept living spaces.

Zillow research finds the share of for-sale listings mentioning open concept layouts – in which walls are removed to combine the kitchen, living room and dining room into a single great room – has more than doubled since 2015, while the share of listings mentioning a formal dining room has slightly dipped.

Among the top 35 metro areas, homes for sale with formal dining rooms continue to be more common and more expensive than homes with open concept layouts.  But the price difference has been cut in half, and the gap in the share of listings has considerably shrunk over the past five years.

It isn’t clear whether open concept layouts are becoming more common or if they have simply become a more popular selling feature and therefore are mentioned more often in listings and command a higher price.

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