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By Cheryl Cullen, Contributing Editor | December 31, 2005

Vanguard Manabloc Plumbing Manifold System

The patented Manabloc water distribution system utilizes a central, modular manifold and PEX hot and cold piping lines to supply each side of each plumbing fixture with its own dedicated water line. This minimizes water temperature and pressure changes during simultaneous operation of numerous fixtures. Additional benefits of a properly designed and installed system include faster hot water delivery, water and energy savings and fewer fittings located behind the wall.

In My Own Words

"The Manabloc manifold water distribution system is the most efficient water management technology on the market, and is recognized as one of the most significant advances in plumbing technology. Some of the benefits of this system include: installation speed; the ability to use multiple fixtures simultaneously without dramatic temperature or pressure changes; faster hot water delivery by sizing the lines according to the demand of each fixture, resulting in significant water and energy savings; easier servicing because each fixture has its own shut-off valve; and water and energy conservation, because the system distributes water efficiently and economically."

Amsco Windows

Amsco offers a wide selection of premium vinyl windows and resin composite windows that deliver energy efficiency, low maintenance and strength. Equipped with the optional StyleLock system, homeowners can be confident that the performance and beauty of the Legacy Series will continue to add value to their homes season after season.

In My Own Words

"Amsco Legacy Series Windows provide commercial-grade windows with low-E coating at an affordable cost. Low-E windows significantly reduce heat loss through the windows in the winter — a feature that is very valuable in our climate, where temperatures are often in the low teens during the cold season."

Optima Insulation by CertainTeed

The Optima system of fiberglass, blow-in insulation from CertainTeed is designed for installation behind non-woven Optima fabric or the equivalent in sidewalls, cathedral ceilings, floored attics and other closed-cavity applications. Approved for use in the Blow-In-Blanket System, Optima provides thermal and acoustical insulation.

In My Own Words

"In addition to contributing to lower utility costs for our homeowners, Optima Insulation also cuts down on outside noise, making our homes quieter. By increasing the R-value from R-13 to R-15 in 2 × 4 walls and from R-19 to R-23 in 2 × 6 walls, it reduces air movement within the wall cavity by 68 percent. Optima Insulation also contributes to our Energy Star rating."

Moen Faucets

Moen's Mannerly Powder Room Collection features romantic Victorian styling with widespread and wall-mount high arc faucets with swiveling spouts in LifeShine Polished Nickel. The widespread faucet features a bridge design, while cross handles have two sets of ceramic caps that spell "hot" and "cold" in English and French. The collection's signature accessory is a whimsical "Vacant/Occupied" sliding door sign in English and French.

In My Own Words

"We have always received great service and support from Moen. Combined with the reliability, durability, style and quality of their product, this service sets them apart from other manufacturers."

Carrier Furnaces

The revolutionary Infinity gas furnace from Carrier allows homeowners to control temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed and ventilation. It even detects when the air filter needs replacing. The Infinity's control board constantly monitors the safety devices during heating operation. If a safety device activates for any reason, the furnace will cease operation, and a status code alert will be displayed on the control board.

In My Own Words

"At SilverStar Communities, we are committed to using 90 percent-plus efficiency, forced air units, with 5 percent or less duct leakage, based on the blower door test. These systems contribute to our Energy Star rating and decrease utility costs for our homeowners."

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