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There was a time when build-to-rent (BTR) was a new idea. No longer. Now that BTR has gone mainstream, developers can no longer simply focus on hitting their density target or expect that the novelty of the product type will catch renters' attention. Renters have seen the basics, so tomorrow’s build-to-rent communities must be designed to differentiate your community from the others.

One way to do that is with creative site planning, according to BSB Design.

The path to success in BTR starts with differentiated site plan design. This market segment requires similar attention to amenities as multifamily and single family developments, with community accessibility and open space leading the list of must-haves for renters and jurisdictions. ...

The nature of BTR product design naturally lends itself to creative site planning. In particular, the concession of minimal to no private outdoor yards is a key driver in developing these communities. Even though renters accept units with limited outdoor private areas, they still need unit designs and layouts that take advantage of the available outdoor opportunities. Density goals cannot compromise comfort in BTR site plans, so the site must truly become an extension of the units. Effective use of community open space and simple outdoor amenities should be the top priority.

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