Small Business Owners Are Feeling Good About The Future

December 12, 2016

The recent Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index notes that the optimism of small business owners is at its highest point in nearly nine years.

Gallup reports that the index reached +80 in mid-November, up from +68 in July. The last time the score was above 80 was in January 2008, when it was at +83. Since then, the index slipped into the negatives during the Great Recession but how slowly, and unevenly, gained ground since early 2013.

Small business owners are more excited about the future than they are about present situations. They expect to increase company revenues, add jobs, and obtain credit. Also, 51 percent of owners believe that the new president and Congress will benefit their businesses.

The majority of owners believe the new president and Congress will focus on issues of importance to small businesses. Owners are particularly interested in having the nation's leaders address taxes, healthcare and regulations.

The results are based on interviews with 602 U.S. small-business owners in all 50 states.

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