Social Media Influences Homebuying And Home Improvement Projects

March 15, 2017

Photo-driven social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram make it really easy to envy your neighbors and friends.

According to MarketWatch, a recent survey conducted by the student loan lender SoFi revealed that 28 percent of the 1,500 homeowners surveyed said that they made a home purchase after seeing a friend’s post on social media. Respondents also indicated that they prefer social media over home improvement shows and magazine for home design ideas.

“The more personal, individually-curated nature of social [media] causes it to carry more influence, precisely because it is a real glimpse into real spaces,” said Laurel Toney, a spokesperson at SoFi. “Even if the images are similar to what you’d see in a magazine, they can feel more attainable with a friend or influencer’s profile attached to them.”

Altogether, 40 percent of respondents said that friends’ posts pushed them to make similar purchases.

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