Spotted at Show Village

They're out of the office and in your face. Keep your eye out for these editors!

December 31, 2008


Paul Deffenbaugh

Paul Deffenbaugh – Our fearless leader, Paul is the editorial director of the Residential Construction Group. He oversees all the editorial content and endeavors of Professional Builder, Professional Remodeler, Custom Builder and Housing Giants magazines and also writes the editorial for Professional Builder every issue. When he's not making sure the magazines are the best they can be, he updates his blog, House Beat, on Paul is a seasoned housing industry expert, so be sure to seek him out and have a chat. He shouldn't be hard to spot — at 6 feet, 4 inches, he'll be one of the folks towering over the crowd.


Felicia Oliver

Felicia Oliver – One of our senior editors, Felicia churns out amazing features month after month for Professional Builder, Custom Builder and Housing Giants. One of her specialties (besides her banana pudding pie) is green building; not only does she constantly update the Green Hot Topics section of our group's Web site,, she also handles Professional Builder's Green Building Research survey that's featured every September. Felicia's also the writer behind the National Sales and Marketing Awards coverage. If you're a builder with projects in the Northeast, then look no further than Felicia — she covers projects from this region for PB's Best Address features.

Sue Bady – The go-to-person for Custom Builder, Sue is a senior editor who specializes in design and has an architecture crush on Frank Lloyd Wright. In addition to providing in-depth coverage of our Best in American Living Award for all our magazines, penning Custom Builder's editorials every issue and delivering detailed articles month after month, Sue also updates her blog, My Two Cents, regularly. When she covers a project, she takes her pick from out West. So if you're building something awesome between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean (or even if you aren't!), you had better search for Sue.


Bill Lurz

Bill Lurz – Our seasoned industry vet, Bill is all about business. A senior editor who specializes in our business articles, Bill also writes the editorial blog for our twice-monthly, all-digital magazine Housing Giants. Bill's biggest project year after year is providing the in-depth industry analysis for Professional Builder's Annual Giant 400 Report. When he's not writing hard-hitting features on impact fees or contingencies, Bill's updating his blog, Ear to the Ground, with his one-of-a-kind insight into the housing industry. He's even made it to film! Bill's based in Florida and covers news and projects in the South. So seek him out and hear what he has to say on the industry.


Mark Jarasek

Mark Jarasek – Mark is a senior editor and our e-media guru. He is the go-to-person on our staff for updating our Web site,, with blogs, articles, videos, and all the other vital information you find on our sites. Mark also organizes our newsletters filled with useful links and articles. That Web machine is a big deal, and he handles it well! On top of that, Mark writes for all of the magazines and specifically focuses on projects from the Midwest. He's also a killer keyboard player, so be sure to mention that when you see him.


Sara Zailskas

Sara Zailskas – What you're reading now wouldn't be here if it weren't for Sara. As assistant managing editor, she makes sure our magazines get written, edited, designed, edited some more and then sent off to the printer in a timely and orderly fashion. She is also our copy editor, making sure the commas and dashes are in the right places and our content is as complete as possible. But wait! That's not all she does! She contributes features and quick-hit articles to the magazines, too. She wants to talk to YOU, so be sure to find her among the masses at Show Village.

Nick Bajzek – As his blog is so aptly named, Nick is definitely our Product Guy. As the products editor, he provides product coverage and features for Professional Builder, Custom Builder and Professional Remodeler magazines, in addition to being the main guy behind the 100 Best New Products supplement and the IBS pre-show issue. He feeds the world daily with a Product of the Day for to boot. P.S. Nick is also a musician, playing bass guitar in a working Midwest-based band.

Mike Morris – Mike is the editor-in-chief for Professional Remodeler magazine. He drives the editorial content for the magazine, guiding the important and interesting topics that staff writers and other contributors put together for the readers. Mike's a great resource for builders breaking into the remodeling industry. He loves to get input and find out what's important to those involved in the industry.

Jonathan Sweet – Jay has covered the construction industry for the last decade, first as a business and homes reporter at a daily newspaper and then for several construction-related trade publications. Now Jay's a senior editor with Professional Remodeler, and his talents shine through not only in the feature articles he writes, but also in his uber-popular blog, The Sweet Spot. This is a must-read for builders, too; if you spot Jay, pull him over, say hello and give him some ideas for blog posts or articles you'd like to see.

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