St. Louis Salvager Has Collected 300,000 Architectural Artifacts

May 11, 2017

For the last four decades, Larry Giles has amassed quite a collection of classic brickwork, ornamental cast iron, bronze sculptures, and all sorts of building artifacts from his hometown of St. Louis.

Curbed reports that Giles has collected more than 300,000 items, which are stacked away in a 15-acre site in Illinois.

Giles wants to share his work with the public. If he can obtain financing, he’s attempting to open the National Building Arts Center, a museum and research facility.

“I just love old buildings,” Giles said. “It’s a big collection, without a doubt, the largest that I’m aware of, and the idea was to develop it as a comprehensive study collection. The idea has grown into a collection of pieces from all over the country. The history here is a national history.”

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