Start-Up Company Develops Portable, Prefabricated Micro-Home

March 14, 2017

A year after unveiling a prototype, Kasita, a start-up based in Austin, Texas, is in the process of producing its first run of teched-out micro-homes.

TreeHugger reports that the Kasitas, as they are known, will be 352-square foot dwellings with smart lighting, doorbells, cameras, showers, ventilation systems, and other features.

The units can be placed in a backyard or on a roof, and they are stackable. The company believes that Kasitas can be housing options in land-scarce urban areas. Homes are priced at $139,000.

The idea is to bring innovation and an enhanced user experience to housing -- concepts that you'd more likely hear surrounding the latest tech gadgets rather a house. "What you get in the Kasita is a million-dollar champagne smart home -- on a budget," says Wilson.

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