States That Offer Homeowners The Most Value

June 21, 2017

Those flyover states are anything but an afterthought for homeowners.

SmartAsset ranked the best states for homeowners, and a swath of states that stretch from Michigan to Idaho in the northern portion of the continental U.S. earned all 10 top spots.

The rankings were based on criteria such as housing affordability, property taxes, closing costs, price appreciation, price per square foot, and foreclosure rates.

South Dakota finished first, overtaking Wyoming, last year’s champion.

South Dakota outshines the other states by scoring high in basically every metric. For starters, the state has the second-lowest average closing costs and the third-lowest number of foreclosures overall. … The Mount Rushmore State’s numbers indicate affordability and comfort. It ranked 12th-lowest for median-home-value-to-median-income ratio, average homeowner’s insurance and burglary rate.

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