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Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Tudelü has created a custom retractable wall system that moves up and down with the click of a button, allowing architects and builders to make their interiors special.

Created by Joel Klein, the Tudelü system consists of tracking and framing that allows for the interchangeable and customizable panels and allows homeowners to tuck it neatly away when not in use.

“There are many applications for Tudelü walls in homes,” says company rep Amanda Muchnick. “We've seen them used to section off open pantries from the kitchen, to create a second bedroom in small urban apartments, to divide basement media/playrooms, or to close off an open atrium space at the top of a staircase to create a usable (and quiet) room.”

Tudelü walls can be as wide as 24 feet and come in a single-wall option with an STC rating of 31 and a double-wall with a rating of 46. Additionally, the motor-operated, retractable wall systems can be finished in one of 31 felt colors, printed to match any paint color, or printed with any design, photo, or logo of the client's choosing.

“The housing is typically mounted inside of the ceiling and requires only 12 inches of space to disappear out of sight,” Muchnick says. “We've had a lot of success in both residential and commercial applications.”