The Timeline of Home Office Trends

June 26, 2020
Mahogany home office
By tsuneomp

Going back in time and reviewing the evolution of the home office can bring perspective for changes to come. Housing Design Matters has brought back the memories of mahogany show dens, the messy den, crafting tables, and more for some throwback inspiration. Now that home builders and designers may face demands for updated home offices, what will they look like post-pandemic? Space, price, and accommodation for two working individuals seem to be main focuses on the horizon. Read more to see the positives of old office trends and why some office designs were deemed impractical. 

The transformation of the home office has been a fascinating journey. Over the years, this transformation has been influenced by technology, dual-income families, home-schooling, and pandemics. As we look forward to our post-pandemic lifestyle, I thought a look back at the evolution of the home office could provide some perspective.

Ah, the show den. Do you remember this? It featured double doors off the foyer, a great big, sturdy mahogany desk, green accent wall with a wallpaper boarder with hunting scenes and a tufted brown leather couch. Our last home office had the green wall, but the wallpaper boarder was golf themed and lacked the leather couch. This was a “must-have” feature in every move-up home back in the eighties.

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