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Photo: Vladimir Gerasimov

A telltale sign of an effective age in place bathroom remodel is that it works seamlessly for aging loved ones while being suitable as an everyday bathroom. This is what design team Housing Design Matters loved about this age in place bathroom remodel: the 94-year-old mother could use it without issue, but guests and other occupants can too. It features luxurious surfaces and products that would work in any bathroom, such as the large scale, non slip porcelain flooring in a marble design, or the floating vanity, which provides space for wheelchairs while being a standout design feature.

While the wall hung sink works great for a wheelchair, it eliminates the storage under the sink. Look under your bathroom sink. In my house, it is full of “stuff” that I’m not exactly keen on displaying. So where do you store all of that? First, Betsy created space within the walls for shelving. Then, she utilized baskets to store non-decorative essentials. Within reach but artfully displayed. I love how the dark baskets play off the dark wood of the cabinet. I’m told more baskets are coming for the shelves on the right. Quite an improvement from before!

While not an accessible feature, per se, the lighted mirror is a wonderful touch. We all look better with the light shining at face level versus from above, casting unflattering shadows. This bathroom doesn’t lack for lighting.

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