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Toilet manufacturer TOTO announced the release of four new offerings at CES, ranging from entry-level bidet seats to high tech floor-mount toilets.

TOTO renamed and updated this its most affordable bidet option, the Washlet collection, to improve the design and function. 

For the toilets, TOTO has expanded its popular Aquia IV Dual Flush Toilet collection to include two additional styles in a Washlet+ or floor-mount style. Both the bidet seat and toilet releases include the company’s new EWater+ cleaning technology.


Toto Aquia new toilet 2021

Aquia IV Cube

“In 2020, people’s lives and values shifted dramatically due to the devastating realities of the COVID-19 global pandemic,” says Shinya Tamura, CEO of TOTO USA. “As the global leader in innovation and  technological advancement in the residential bathroom and public restroom, TOTO has enabled consumers to live successfully in each era. At CES 2021, we will showcase the future of a clean, comfortable lifestyle in the age of COVID-19 with products and cutting-edge technologies that will enable consumers to navigate our New Normal Way of Life successfully.” 

The Washlet bidet seat line now offers the entry-level Washlet C2 and intermediate-level Washlet C5. TOTO redesigned the toilet to create a sleeker and slimmer look. The company shortened the bidet’s warm water reservoirs by 1.5 inches and seats now fit onto toilets with less gaps and height differences.

Upgrades to the bidet seats include a new EWater+ technology, which cleans the bidet wand inside and out before and after each use. The wand now resides below the bidet seat, making it easier to clean, the company says. Even the Washlet lid has been adjusted to be more comfortable for sitting and easier for cleaning.

The EWater+ technology takes average tap water and electrolyzes it, turning it into a mild bleaching agent, which reduces the need for harsh chemicals and is better for the environment, the company says. This process changes the molecular structure of the water for two hours before reverting it to its original form.

Homeowners can either opt for the Washlet bidet seat alone to attach to their existing toilet, or choose the new Washlet+ option, which seamlessly connects the bidet seat to a TOTO toilet.


toto 2021 CES toilet

Washlet C2

The Aquia IV expansion includes the addition of two Washlet+ models: Aquia IV Arc and Aquia IV Cube. Both additions can be purchased as a floor-mount toilet as well.

TOTO says the Aquia IV Cube offers a geometric tank with a contemporary design, while the Aquia IV Arc offers a transitional design and flared tank. Not just nice to look at, the sleek toilet bases make it easier to clean by eliminating crevices where dust and grime often accumulate.

Each of these toilets include the company’s Dynamax Tornado Flush, Premist, Cefiontect, and EWater+ technologies.

Dynamax Tornado Flush offers a more effective single flush compared to multiple flushes of another toilet, the company says. Premist technology sprays the toilet bowl before and after use, adding a light misting of water over the porcelain to prevent mold, mildew, or matter from sticking. Cefiontect is a form of porcelain glaze that makes the bowl ultra slippery and non-porous, so it repels any bacteria, TOTO says.

Both Aquia IV additions include the sensor-operated Auto-Flush feature as well.