The Value of Search Firms

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I meet few builders who understand the true value of a search firm.

May 01, 2003


Bill Carpitella

I meet few builders who understand the true value of a search firm. My observation is that most builders view search firms as a necessary evil and think they could accomplish the same deliverable if only they had time. Well, I disagree.

We thought the Internet would be our saving grace, but Career Builder, Monster, Hot Jobs and other "miracle-working" job-search sites have produced minimal results. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Web recruiting was responsible for only 3% of all hires since 1996. Even today, to post a position on the Web leads to mass mailing by everyone from fast-food employees to unemployed auto mechanics. We receive far too many resumes that don't fit our specifications.

Respect the skill of good search professionals. They know the most efficient means of locating and identifying "A" talent and have the competency to validate an "A" player's fit with your organization. Use search firms as strategic partners. They can help you achieve your vision and financial success.

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