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Elica, manufacturer of range hoods and kitchen appliances, is debuting several innovative products in 2018.

We caught up with Matt Holmes, the company's vice president for North America, at KBIS 2018. He showed us the NikolaTesla, an aspirating induction cooktop featuring a sleek, built-in downdraft. He also mentioned the new Stoney Island range hood, which features connected Stream technology that allows it to pair with Elica cooktops automatically. The connected system runs without Wi-Fi, meaning it will work even if a home's internet connection is spotty or temprarily down.

"Once it's installed, you never have to touch it again," he said of the new hood, which turns on when a cooktop is activated and continues running until all fumes are gone.

Watch the video to see these products in action and hear more about what's new for Elica in 2018.



There's a few item that are really hot: the Nikola Tesla - basically a range hood any an induction cooktop all-in-one. This ventilation is in the center a pot is always touching it no matter where it is on the cooktop. It's that customer that has that fantastic view, and they don't really want to disrupt their kitchen with a giant hood. Secondly we also have a new technology called stream which makes a range hood completely automatic. We pair a hood with one of our new induction cooktops so it enables the two pieces to talk to each other at the same time. The hood is custom onnsa, Turing moisture and temperature, and it will self regulate the blower and it will continue to run until all the fumes are out of the kitchen and it will shut off automatically. Once it's installed you never have to touch it again.


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