September 1, 2016

New Community
Walden, Mechanicsburg, Pa.
Entrant/Builder/Designer/Developer: Charter Homes & Neighborhoods
Photographer: Jeremy Hess
Hard Cost, Excluding Land: $65/sf
Units: 700
Sales price: mid-$250,000s to high $400,000s 
Completion: December 2018

Marking the first new village on Harrisburg, Pa.’s West Shore in more than a century, Walden is a suburban development with homes featuring elevations that include siding, stone, and brick, ensuring a streetscape with character, and one that authentically honors what came before.

Each home comes with added options and standards to help create a unique front door and porch area, including front sunrooms and oversize windows and doors. The main design goal was to combine a sense of area history with what modern buyers seek in a home and a community.

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