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As health, wellness, and mindfulness are increasingly prioritized in bathroom design trends, spa features are becoming more common not just for affluent homeowners, but for millions of Americans looking to indulge in self care. The COVID-19 pandemic drove up demand for bathroom amenities like steam showers and aromatherapy, while the corresponding 2020 toilet paper shortage also made bidets a popular feature in U.S. homes.

Technology is also making its way into the bathroom thanks to accelerated demand for voice-activated systems that control water temperature and pressure as well as adjustable circadian lighting and even waterproof televisions, Forbes reports.

The client breathlessly shows her designer photos from a recent resort vacation, asking, “I loved this in our hotel bathroom; can we get one for our shower here?” It’s a question that has been posed by thousands of clients for dozens of years. It’s one I heard in more than a decade of designing residential bathrooms, and one that long-time Northern New Jersey-based interior designer Sharon Sherman hears more than ever today.

“Having the ability to relax and unwind is no longer an indulgence, but a necessity to deal with the stress of the situation. And not just for women, men are on board as well,” Sherman notes.

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