Why Are The Rich Moving To Cities? Looking At The 1880s May Shed Some Light On The Answer

June 30, 2016

People who are college-educated and who have a healthy amount of cash lining their pockets are increasingly heading to city centers in their search for a home. In the past, people with the ability to bid up home prices avoided city centers as they were typically filled with crime and pollution, but now, as part of a generation-long shift, downtown living has gained massive appeal.

In an effort to help figure out why cities have become the place to be, taking a look back at the 1880s, which marked another time period where those with money much preferred living in city centers as opposed to their suburban counterparts, can help.

One of the biggest factors leading to city centers being popular places to live both back in the late 19th century and today, according to The Washington Post, is that cities are easy to get around on foot. People today, as well as their 1880s equivalents are happy and willing to pay a premium to live somewhere where walking to jobs or shops is not only easy and doable, but the preferred method of transportation.

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