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We scoured the product world to see what’s happening in the hardware category, and we found a wildly varying collection of knobs and pulls ranging from modern to traditional design.

The new releases tell us what types of trends are on brands’ radars: Either companies are hopping on bandwagons, or they are hoping to start their own bandwagon by filling a gap in the market.

From these 11 new types of knobs and pulls, it can be concluded that brands are interested in expanding their finish offerings or providing an edge with a specific finish, such as matte black or white. 

Brass remains well-loved, and Hardware Hut even found it to be the most popular cabinet handle finish of 2019. Hardware Hut says this finish works well in both modern and traditional spaces.

Modern style continues to climb the ladder of popularity, and the influx of new modern cabinet hardware products align with the style’s progression.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2021 Design Trends report, residential professionals want to see more innovation with hardware and accessories the most. Some designers and specifiers, 17% of survey respondents, specifically wished for more interesting hardware, such as new styles, colors, and designs.



Pinch cabinet knob Nest Studio

Pinch by Nest Studio

Designed by plaster artist Stephen Antonson in collaboration with Nest’s founder and creative director, the Pinch series features six knobs, pulls, and handles. Each piece of hardware varies in size, providing the ability to be used on kitchen cabinets, appliances, furniture, and closets.  Antonson molded plaster-covered paper into these organic pieces and pinched each one as a final step. While the molds are cast into brass, they are hand-finished and available in polished brass unlacquered, polished nickel, blackened bronze, or matte white.



Ashley Norton brass hardware

Brass and Matte Black Hardware by Ashley Norton

An increasing number of manufacturers are opting to expand on their finishes to include bronze or brass as the gold-toned finish booms in popularity. In contrast to traditional stainless steel and chrome finishes, bronze and brass bring warmth. Architectural hardware manufacturer Ashley Norton says its golden-toned line-up can harmonize with any decor style. The company’s latest finish, satin brass, is now available in the solid brass collection.

Ashley Norton matte black pull

To provide designers, architects, and builders another trendy hardware finish, Ashley Norton also created a flat black finish for its solid brass products. This finish pairs well with clean, modern hardware, the company says. It also says its hardware features an ultra-durable, powder-coated finish that remains resistant to chips.


Quadrato by Schaub and Company


Schaub and Company cabinet T pull

The latest from Schaub and Company features rectangular bars with knurled details, which offer a modern appearance. The Italian-made and designed Quadrato hardware is available in knobs and pulls of various finishes and sizes. There are T-knobs, 6 inch pulls, and 12-1/2 inch pulls available. Each piece of hardware can come in either satin bronze, matte black, gun metal, or satin brass. 


Circolo, Quadrato, and Motivo by Viaggio Hardware

Viaggia hardware knob

Just last month, a new luxury hardware company came to town: Viaggio. Under the Regal Brands parent, Viaggio joins Nostalgic Warehouse, Grandeur, and Ageless Iron hardware companies. The new company’s debut comes with the release of three collections: Circolo, Quadrato, and Motive.

Circolo features curved levers and knobs with circular bases, Quadrato offers clean squares, and Motivo offers a combination of the two. Viaggio essentially offers different silhouettes of hardware available in every combination possible. The company even allows you to design your own door hardware. Each hardware offering can come in either bright chrome, satin black, satin brass, satin nickel, or titanium gray. 


Traditional + Transitional

traditional transitional cabinet hardware

Shore, Chautauqua, Flush Pulls, and Palmer by Classic Brass

Classic Brass expanded its portfolio this fall by adding four new lines of hardware to its catalog. 

The Shore collection falls under the company’s modern-styled products and features knobs and pulls. The oval knobs come in two sizes, are made from solid brass, and can come in 33 standard finishes. These knobs show no clean lines, only smooth, uniform curves in the most subtle oblong shape. For the pulls, there are five available along with two appliance pulls in varying lengths.


Shore classic brass knob


Chautauqua features the largest array of product offerings from the company’s latest releases. Each knob in this collection comes in multiple sizes and slightly differing details. There are seven types of knobs and more than 10 pulls available. Knobs can come with rope or coin details in two different sizes. 

Palmer offers both smooth, rounded knobs or rectangular, linear pulls. This collection features knobs in three sizes and two styles: original or coin. There are five pull sizes and two appliance pulls. While the 33 standard finishes are available in the Palmer collection, custom finishes are also available.

Offset flush and ring flush pulls will make a debut this month as well, according to Classic Brass, along with new hinges. Each of these pulls will be available in four sizes and 37 finishes.