$150,000 Prefab Homes That Supply Their Own Energy

March 14, 2016

Net-Zero is the new buzzword when it comes to home building and design. As most of us know, a net-zero home is one that produces as much energy as it consumes.

Asheville, N.C.-based Deltec Homes, is fast becoming a leading builder of prefab net-zero homes and affordable ones at that. The company currently offers nine different models of prefab, net-zero houses, according to Fast Company.

Net-zero begins by cutting the amount of energy used by the home and making it as efficient as possible. One of Deltec Homes net-zero models uses about two-thirds of the energy of a typical house of the same size. Gaskets used to make the walls more airtight and site-specific design elements, such as the use of the sun to warm the home and trees to help keep it cool, are some examples of how these homes are created with efficiency in mind. After the home is made to consume as little electricity as possible, solar panels installed on the roof are used to create the energy that is needed.

Because these are prefab houses and are made in a factory, it only takes a few days to build the exterior of the home. Not only does this speed up the process, it is also what helps to keep the costs down. The least expensive Deltec model can be completed for $145,000.

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