2016 Kitchen And Bath Trends

April 6, 2016

Kitchens and bathrooms have quickly become two of the most important rooms in a home. The kitchen is no longer just a workspace for food preparation, hidden behind swinging doors and wooden shutters. It is a focal point of many a home’s layout and has become as social a room as any. Bathrooms, meanwhile, are understandably not going the same social-inspired route as kitchens, but have instead become personal spas, meant to help someone relax and unwind after a long, stressful day. The latest kitchen and bath trends for 2016 reflect these relatively recent ideas that a kitchen should double as a living room and a master bath should double as a spa.

Kitchen islands have become the most heavily customized area in the kitchen. These days they are replete with sinks, bookcases, outlets, charging stations, deep storage drawers, microwaves and ample seating. 

Bathrooms aren’t slouches on the customization front either. It is no longer just a simple choice of should there be a shower, a tub, or both. Showers are growing in size and adding more and more sources of water. And while only 15 percent of people are bath people, they take their evening soaks seriously. Another trend increasing in popularity is that of the wet room, which essentially turns the entire bathroom into the shower enclosure, meaning everything needs to be sealed and waterproofed to prevent leaks. But while it is more expensive, a wet room can help to increase the value of a home.

For a full list of the hottest kitchen and bath trends for 2016, follow the link below.

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