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It’s no secret that Americans have increased their time in the kitchen since the onset of the pandemic. More than ever, it is a center for work, school, cooking, eating, and gathering, resulting in a strong consumer desire for kitchens with maximum functionality.

In fact, The New Home Trends Institute (NHTI) by John Burns Real Estate Consulting says functionality is a top theme for today’s homes, “2021 will force homes and communities to service many more parts of our lives,” writes NHTI.

On the design end, an increasing number of homeowners enjoy contemporary aesthetics, but there remains a large chunk of Americans who love a traditional kitchen design, according to data from the National Kitchen and Bath Association.


Pot filler faucets can be a luxurious addition to any kitchen, but their convenience addresses the wants and needs of today’s homeowners. 

The handy, usually wall-mounted faucet at the back of the range or cooktop makes getting water to the cooking surface easier and faster by relieving homeowners from carrying a heavy pot of water from a sink. These faucets also flow at a much faster rate than a traditional kitchen faucet, adding to their convenience.

Manufacturers continue to release pot fillers in an array of styles, making it easy to find one that fits the kitchen’s overall theme, though many new releases focus on modern styling to meet the growing demand. Still, these brands also know homeowners prefer a cohesive design, in which the pot filler matches other faucets found throughout the kitchen, such as the main kitchen sink, a prep sink, or a bar sink.

Here are nine pot fillers for kitchens with contemporary, traditional, and transitional styles—and everything installation type in between.


Juxtapose Wall-Mount Pot Filler - Kallista

modern pot filler kallista

Kallista says the Juxtapose collection works well in modern kitchens because of its minimalist profile and softly curved edges. The slightly squared-off faucet is a popular silhouette seen in many modern faucet collections, and the pot filler in this line continues that trend. The Juxtapose collection was designed by renowned kitchen designer Mick De Giulio. This wall-mount pot filler comes in polished chrome, matte black, or stainless and can reach 22 inches.

Manis Series Deck-Mounted Pot Filler - Anzzi

anzzi deck mount pot filler

Sometimes kitchens cannot accommodate wall-mounted pot fillers, but the maximized water flow rate can still be helpful. That’s where deck-mounted, or faucet-attached pot fillers come in. Anzzi’s Manis deck-mounted pot filler comes with a lifetime warranty and a certified lead-free solid brass in a rust-resistant finish. Manis’ minimalist aesthetic works well in modern or contemporary kitchens, the brand says.

Kinzie Wall Mount Pot Filler - Gerber Plumbing

gerber kinzie pot filler

The Kinzie wall mount pot filler is one of Gerber’s latest releases. The whole collection mimics vintage-era plumbing forms with modern touches, says the company, bringing a rustic yet polished accent to the kitchen. Its high flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute is one of the fastest on the list. The Kinzie pot filler comes in chrome, brushed bronze, stainless steel, or satin black.


Industrial Wall-Mounted Pot Filler - Waterstone Faucets

waterstone industrial faucet

With a flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute, the Industrial wall-mounted pot filler can cut time significantly. The faucet reaches out 22 inches and folds flush to the wall, out of the way from cooking. Its built-in check valve prevents dripping and the sleek design with knurled accents fits well in modern kitchens, says Waterstone. It’s available in the company’s 32 finishes and is made in the US.

Chesterfield Wall Mount Pot Filler - Newport Brass

chesterfield newport brass pot filler

Newport Brass’ Chesterfield pot filler brings a traditional touch to the kitchen with more details than its streamlined counterparts. The cross handles act as a decorative touch but make the pot filler ADA-compliant as well. The Chesterfield pot filler comes in 28 different finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze and biscuit, and solid brass construction. From the wall to full extension, the pot filler can reach up to 26 inches.

White Porcelain Handle Wall Mount Pot Filler - Rohl

rohl traditional pot filler

The white porcelain handle on this pot filler by Rohl harks back to decades past, adding an extra touch of traditional design to the kitchen. Its shut-off spout prevents dripping, it's made of brass, and two different levers eliminate the need to reach over burners. The pot filler comes in polished chrome, Italian brass, polished nickel, Tuscan brass, satin nickel, or unlacquered brass.


Rook Deck Mount Pot Filler - Brizo

rizo brook pot filler

The Rook line by Brizo takes inspiration from the early 20th century and its classic styles with a modern touch that balances the two design aesthetics. The pot filler raches just above 15 inches tall and has a maximum flow rate of 4 gallons per minute. It can reach 17 inches in length when fully extended and comes with two handles.

Graze Deck-Mount Pot Filler - Kohler

graze pot filler

There’s no other faucet on this list that makes quite the statement Graze does. Its bold, abstract design comes from the Industrial Revolution, says Kohler. It balances delicate smooth round lines with a square base. Kohler says it compliments nearly every home. Graze also comes in a wall-mount version and with a limited lifetime warranty. The deck-mount version offers a 3.2 gallons per minute flow rate, and the swing spout reaches 22 inches.

Citterio - AXOR

axor pot filler

The Citterio wall mount pot filler features raindrop-shaped dual levers for a uniquely modern fixture. It offers a swivel range of 180 degrees, a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, and a five-year warranty. It can also be purchased in a deck-mounted model in steel optic or chrome.