9 Trends Facing the Millennial Homebuyer

June 17, 2019
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The housing market looks a lot different for Millennials than it did for their parents and grandparents. Business Insider takes a look at the trends facing young homebuyers.

Millennials face house prices 39% higher than their parents did in the 1980s

Housing prices have soared by nearly 40% in the past three-plus decades, far outpacing wage increases and making homeownership much more of a challenge for today's buyers. The increase is even more dramatic the further back you look: Today's average home price is more than 70% higher than what a buyer faced in the 1960s.

Rent prices are up nearly 50% over the last half century

While traditionally renting an apartment or house while saving up to buy your own residence was once a logical approach, since the 1960s, average rent rates have increased by 46%, meaning just affording a rental is harder than ever, let alone saving up to buy.

In some markets, homes built before 2012 are selling at close to 50% discounts because they're too big and spacious for millennials

Most millennial homebuyers are looking for smaller, more manageable properties than the mini mansions so popular a generation before. And they like sleek, simple interiors. The result is a steep drop in the value of many of the homes baby boomers are now hoping to sell as they downsize after emptying the nest or retiring.

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