Based On What Is Most Important To You, These Are The Best Places To Retire

March 17, 2016

Lists touting that they have compiled the “10 Best Places To Retire!” are great, as they can help to break down the many options for retirees looking to fly the coop and find the best fit for their lifestyle. But that’s just it, these 10 best lists are typically 10,000 foot views of the question of where to retire. They do not take into account the personal preferences of retirees. If a retiree is looking to play year-round golf and wants to be able to enjoy the outdoors year-round, Alaska is probably not their best bet. But if taxes are a big deal, Alaska suddenly becomes much more attractive.

A new list of the best places to retire, compiled by CNBC, has attempted to breakdown the discussion and take a more personal approach to the question of where someone should spend one’s golden years.

If a given state’s health care system is of the utmost importance, then New Hampshire, Wisconsin, or Maine should be at the top of the list. Based on disease prevention and user’s general impressions of the care they received, these three states receive the highest scores for quality of health care.

Weather is often a key component of where a recent retiree is looking to move. Based on days of sunshine, average humidity, and the number of days when you need to heat or cool your home in an area, the states with the best weather were determined to be New Mexico, California, and Colorado.

Throughout the categories of health care, taxes, cost of living, crime, and weather, no state separated itself from the rest by being on a majority of the lists. Perhaps what this new list of best places to retire really shows, then, is the best place to retire is whatever state hits the most checkmarks on one’s personal list, regardless of its overall numbers.

To see the full list for each category click the link below.

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