The Best Places For A Blissful, Active Retirement

March 14, 2016

Despite what spam posted in the comments sections of many websites might have you believe, the typical person is not able to make $5,000 a day working form home and have the ability to retire by age 35. When most people are able to retire, they are usually a little bit older. Sometimes, a person enters retirement after decades in the workforce and has no idea what to do with themselves or how to fill all of their newly acquired free time.

Sure, it’d be great if life worked for all of us like it did for Benjamin Button and by the time we reached retirement we were young and spry and filled with energy. While that isn’t how it works, that doesn’t mean retirement needs to be a drab affair, in fact, it is the perfect time to reignite some old passions that life got in the way of before. Forbes has created a list of the top 25 places around the country that are best suited for a wonderful retirement. Everywhere on the list offered outstanding opportunities in at least one of the categories of the arts, fine dining, learning, volunteering, outdoor water pursuits, outdoor land pursuits, and golf.

If outdoor land activities are your passion, then Billings, Mont., Ashland, Ore., or Boise, Idaho might strike your fancy. If you’re looking to go the more traditional route, and want to spend your retirement on the finely manicured greens of a golf course, then Naples, Fla., Charleston, S.C., or Pinehurst, N.C. should have your attention. Naples offers nearly 100 courses by itself.

While the list provides many great options for retirement fun, it should be noted that cost of living did not factor into whether a particular area was on the list or not.

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