Your Voice: Engaging the Home Builder Audience

At Professional Builder, we aim to create a digital dialogue between us and among all our readers, big and small; urban, suburban, and rural; high-priced and affordable

October 24, 2018
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They say print is dead. I’m not sure who “they” are, but to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of its death are greatly exaggerated. 

Yes, the economics of magazine publishing have changed dramatically in the digital age, but here at Professional Builder we are very much alive and striving to deliver timely, relevant, and actionable content in these pages every month. (Besides, if this breed of media was on the brink of extinction, it’s unlikely I would have accepted the job to become this magazine’s next editor-in-chief.)

But our success in bringing you the best editorial product possible is truly a two-way street. As much as we know, having collectively covered all aspects of the housing industry for more than 100 years (myself for 31 of those), gaining insight from our Housing Giants, 40 Under 40, National Housing Quality Awards, and other programs, and buttonholing builders at industry events throughout the year, we still need and want to further engage you—every one of you. 

That’s where print gives way to digital. A print magazine isn’t especially interactive, so we’re looking to amp up our efforts online and through our social media channels so you can respond to what you see and read, not just in these pages but also across our digital platforms. 

And not just respond, but amplify the content, suggest story ideas, provide insight, and share experiences regarding all aspects of the housing realm, whether driven by data or a pneumatic nailer. 

We want to create a digital dialogue between us and among all our readers, big and small; urban, suburban, and rural; high-priced and affordable. That way, real-world, world-class ideas and innovative solutions shared in this magazine can travel well beyond its pages to help affect real and positive change in our industry. 

A print magazine’s role has changed from being the only source in town to one of several in a dynamic and challenging arena. We compete for your attention, and value it. We try to both lead and follow, presenting new ways of doing business but also respecting your particular pinch points and how you navigate them. 

I see a bridge there, and we’re building it from our side. We hope you’ll meet us halfway. Feel free to reach out any time.


Rich Binsacca is Professional Builder’s editor-in-chief. He has served as an editor and frequent contributor to several housing and building construction-related print and online publications, and has reported and written about all aspects of the industry since 1987.


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