Bringing Waterfront Property To Landlocked Areas

February 25, 2016

People love the beach. From relaxing in the sand and reading a book to more active endeavors like windsurfing or kayaking, a day at the beach can be fun for just about anyone. So it makes sense that waterfront property is so valued, especially considering there is a limited amount of it. Or is there?

As The Washington Post reports, Crystal Lagoons, a Miami-based company, has created Caribbean-style beachfront properties around the world, and is now ready to bring these man-made lagoons to the U.S.

An eight-acre lagoon in Pasco County, Fla. will be the first of these projects to be built in the United States. 11 other similar projects have been announced and 35 are under consideration in states such as Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.

These lagoons can use almost any type of water while using 30 times less of it than a typical 18-hole golf course. Disinfection pulses purify the water and allow for the use of up to 100 times fewer chemicals than swimming pools.

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