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A home’s surrounding community is a major factor in its resale value, and creating an attractive legacy community can benefit not just one property, but every home on the block. Alley-loaded garages or those that are accessible by a single lane driveway at the back of the house can make communities more walkable and can keep the focus of passersby on the front of the home.

An inviting front porch also adds to the home’s curb appeal and can even be a gathering or entertaining space for guests. In addition, a true legacy community boasts an assortment of architectural styles to give each home character and individuality, according to Housing Design Matters.

One community here in Jacksonville took color and style selection to the next level, designating certain lots for styles and colors. The builder feared buyer pushback, but instead discovered he had created a new sense of urgency for buyers to select their lots based upon their desired color scheme and style.

Finally, it is important to share your vision with buyers early in the development process. Convey the story of what you’re trying to create and why your community will withstand the test of time. Getting homeowners on board with your vision from the start not only helps justify lot premiums, but helps them become a part of that vision and wanting to build a legacy of their own.

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