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February 28, 2017

In home building, beware of heroes, because teamwork is everything. Here's how to make sure it's happening 

January 09, 2017

Direct costs are usually the largest slice of the cost-component pie for builders. Cutting them goes a long way toward saving money

LGI Senior Management

Left to right: Chuck Birt, VP development, Texas; Jack Lipar, EVP acquisitions; Charles Merdian, CFO; Eric Lipar, CEO; Mike Snider, president and COO; Rachel Eaton, CMO; Kyle Hanna, VP purchasing and national accounts

November 28, 2016

Masters of a challenging niche, LGI turns renters into owners by building homes within reach for entry-level buyers.

November 07, 2016

In many places, the resources essential to builders are scarcer and more costly than ever before. This overview looks at the state of each one—and who’s leveraging what’s available

Home builders innovate or get back to basics
August 04, 2016

What the home building industry really needs now Creative Commons

July 07, 2016

Focus on continuing improvement to help prevent warranty hassles and give you an edge over competitors

Wikipedia Public Domain

June 30, 2016

A checklist for ensuring that quick-delivery homes contribute to the success of your business


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