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Good design has as many definitions as it does creators.

October 31, 2002

Good design has as many definitions as it does creators. What is common to all good design - no matter who creates or who beholds it - is it's perfectly appropriate to its site. What the three projects featured on the following pages demonstrate is site-sensitive design at its very best.

These California homes and communities excel in more than just this one area, though. Each demonstrates a well-thought-out and well-executed housing solution for a specific buyer. Each stays true to its architectural theme, be it Tuscan, Craftsman or Spanish Colonial, throughout the house with well-articulated details inside and out.

As you peruse these pages, learn from three leading California architects - the design leaders - how to put together the partnerships to create projects that delight new home buyers, that stand apart from the rest and that create a sense of place by borrowing from the past, and in doing so stand for the future.


Authentic Architecture
An architect, a developer and a builder collaborate to create a Tuscan hillside village in Southern California.
Golden Palomino
Ponderosa's Legacy reclaims an unheralded but authentic California lifestyle.
A Majestic Family Hacienda
A perfect snapshot of California's evolving Spanish Colonial vernacular


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