Construction Industry Prepares For Next Generation Of Workers

July 27, 2017

Older construction workers are retiring, and soon enough the industry will face a deficit of up to 250,000 empty jobs. This presents a prime opportunity for younger workers.

ConstructionDive reports that apprenticeships will be one of the ways builders and construction companies will fill the labor gap. Builders and contractors associations across the country have different training programs for apprentices, who are paid by the builder or contractor for their work.

Convincing students to consider the trades instead of a four-year college or the military will be the most daunting task. Money, though, will speak in volumes.

“My apprentices start on day one often making more money than someone who graduated from a traditional college,” said Terry Kish, director of safety and workforce development for the Colorado Contractors Association. “And after three to four years they can be making $30 to $40 an hour. And have no debt.”

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