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Cornerstone Building Brands, a leading manufacturer of exterior building products in North America, has announced the launch of its latest brand, Fortify Building Solutions. The move integrates three of the company’s established entities—Heritage Building Systems, Metal Depots, and Reed's Metals—into a single, innovative brand aiming to disrupt the building materials industry.

Fortify Building Solutions hopes to emerge as a frontrunner in the industry, combining an extensive plant network and significant purchasing power to deliver truly unique solutions under the banner of Speed & Ease. Matt Ackley, president of shelter solutions at Cornerstone Building Brands, expressed enthusiasm for the venture in a press release, stating, "Fortify Building Solutions brings together the value of our Residential Metal Roofing and Metal Buildings solutions, our talented and dedicated employees in local markets, and our full-service capabilities to achieve something new—and truly great—for America’s building materials industry."

This strategic consolidation marks a renewed commitment to local customers, promising enhanced access, superior service, and personalized support.

Says Ackley, “Our goal is to set a new standard for service in the industry.”

What does the Fortify Building Solutions Brand Offer?

The Fortify Building Solutions brand offers an extensive selection of metal building products and accessories, including metal roofing systems, wall panels, components, pole barns, Hypersteel cold-formed buildings, and pre-engineered metal buildings for diverse applications. Customers can expect to benefit from an expanded network and extensive expertise, a simplified process, and reduced delays.

Rooted in the legacies of community-oriented brands, Fortify Building Solutions pledges to maintain strong partnerships and engagement with customers and communities. The brand aims to elevate the retail experience through intuitive online platforms and new local branches, ensuring accessibility and user-friendliness.

“We are here for our customers, and our reach and expertise enables us to be bold with what we promise,” says Mike Pegues, general manager of retail direct at Cornerstone Building Brands. “Whatever their goals and needs are, we’re dedicated to knowing and anticipating them so we can rapidly respond. Fortify Building Solutions is committed to providing the best possible solutions today, tomorrow and well into the future.”

As the integration progresses, customers can anticipate updates throughout 2024, including the opening of four new physical locations in Montana, Alabama, and an additional site to be determined. The brand's comprehensive implementation—which will incorporate websites, e-commerce, social media, and physical outlets—is slated for completion within two years.