Experts Predict the Top 5 Trends in Residential Housing for 2020

January 3, 2020
Modern Kitchen Rendering
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It is 2020: Black is back, foyers are having their day in the sun, and kitchens are getting a Marie Kondo twist. Incorporating these trends will not just make the house look nice: They will help sell the house faster as buyers increasingly desire ready-for-Instagram houses right off the market. Using these design tips can help builders produce a modern, minimalistic look with bold details that will blow potential homebuyers away.

As we head into a new decade, it’s time to say goodbye to some of the tired trends in residential design (we’re looking at you, barn doors in the living room and driftwood finishes) and hello to fresh ideas. So let’s get excited for 2020 because black is back in a bold new way and Kon Mari’d kitchens are officially a thing.

Read on for the top five trends industry experts predict will be big in 2020.

Marie Kondo’d Kitchens

The Marie Kondo principles of keeping home interiors simplified and discarding items unless they “spark joy” have more recently become a popular trend in kitchen design, according to Elisa Morgante founding partner of Morgante Wilson Architects. “There’s definitely a trend toward modern, cleaner looks, achieved through everything from concealed appliances to slab stone backsplashes,” says Morgante.

At Cirrus, a luxury condominium tower under construction along the Chicago’s lakefront, developer Lendlease has taken into account that residents – particularly downsizers and second-home buyers – are no longer viewing the kitchen as a do-it-all work/gather space, and for urban residents with access to a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, the kitchen may not even get used very often. Linda Kozloski, creative design director at Lendlease, notes that kitchen designs are being “streamlined...we are ‘hiding’ the appliances behind cabinetry panels. The refrigerator, dishwasher and exhaust hood have panels that match the cabinetry to create a more built-in look.” Kozloski adds that “in plans featuring open kitchen and living areas, buyers appreciate the simplicity so that the kitchen doesn’t detract from other areas of the home or, in the case of Cirrus, the sweeping lake and city views.” 

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